Heavy Duty Business Card Cutter

Heavy duty business card cutter – The business card cutter is also known as slitters. Before making a purchase, you may want to ask yourself the next question.

1. How many cards do you want to make?

If you’re just going to earn a few dozen a week Martin-Yale type BCS410 might be a better option.

What type of paper will you use?

Glossy paper is very slippery. This really is a great concept, should you employ glossy paper, to be analyzed onto the machine before making a buy.

Which kind of printer if you utilize?

Make sure that your printer may print the card template cut off by your own business card cutter.

What business card template if you use?

There are two major small business card templates. It’s 10-up and 12-up. The 10-up pattern prints 10 cards on a piece of newspaper and also the 12-up pattern prints 1-2 cards onto a piece of paper.